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Blog > 30 Common Questions and Answers About the F-150 Hybrid

30 Common Questions and Answers About the F-150 Hybrid

Common Questions About The Ford F-150 Hybrid

Grey Ford F-150 Hybrid
Grey Ford F-150 Hybrid

Where is the F-150 Hybrid built?

  • Ford builds its hybrid trucks in a new facility at the Rouge complex in the United States. It is constructed with domestic and globally sourced parts.

How is the F-150 Hybrid engineered for capability and performance?

  • Every truck undergoes the same rigorous Built Ford Tough® engineering and testing as every other F-Series truck. 

What is the acceleration of the Ford Lightning?

  • The F-150 Lightning with the extended-range battery targets 0 to 100 mph in the 6-second range.

How many motors does the F-150 Hybrid have?

  • This pickup truck features a 3.5L twin-turbo EcoBoost V6 engine that works with an electric motor to create 430 horsepower and 570 lb-ft of torque.

Is the F-150 Hybrid made of aluminum alloy?

  • Yes, Ford uses high-strength, military-grade aluminum alloy, proven to meet the Built Ford Tough standards, along with an upgraded, high-strength steel frame.

Does the Ford Pickup Hybrid include an all-new frame?

  • The new high-strength steel frame helps the truck deliver its Built Ford Tough durability and capability.

Which body parts of the F-150 Hybrid are the same as the gas-powered F-150?

  • A number of body panels, including the doors and bed interior, are the same as those of the internal combustion engine and F-150 PowerBoost Hybrid, enabling the transfer of accessories and upfits between trucks.

Can the batteries of the F-150 Hybrid be recycled?

  • Yes, the batteries can be recycled, contributing to environmentally responsible disposal and reuse practices.

Do I have to buy the F-150 Hybrid from a Ford Dealer?

  • Yes, from an Electric Vehicle (EV)-certified Ford Dealer or Ford EV-certified commercial center. Online purchase options are also available.

Is the F-150 Hybrid eligible for Promotional Plans?

  • Most Ford vehicles are eligible for Promotional-Plan Pricing. Check with your local Ford dealer.

What is the warranty on the F-150 Hybrid?

  • The New Vehicle Limited Warranty includes coverage for electric vehicle components, powertrain, bumper-to-bumper, safety restraint system, corrosion, and the electric vehicle roadside assistance program.

What is the usable battery capacity of the F-150 Lightning?

  • The standard-range battery has an integrated 35 kW electric motor powered by a 1.5-kWh lithium-ion battery.

How does the F-150 Hybrid calculate range accuracy when towing and hauling?

  • This truck has Intelligent Range, which factors in past driver behaviour, weather conditions, speed, terrain, towing, and payload to predict energy usage and provide accurate range estimates.

What is FordPass Power My Trip?

  • The “Power My Trip” feature on the FordPass® App considers the truck’s current charge and identifies the right charging points along a route to make a trip as efficient as possible, even before you get in the truck.

How does FordPass Power My Trip integrate with towing and payload to make charging easier?

  • The Ford Trip Planner feature takes towing and payload into account to provide the best charging recommendations, ensuring confidence in available range.

What is Pro Power Onboard?

  • Available Pro Power Onboard on the F-150 Lightning enables in-vehicle power and exportable electricity, providing versatility for charging devices and powering tools.

How much power is available in the Mega Power Frunk of the F-150 Lightning?

  • The Mega Power Frunk provides approximately 2.4 kilowatts (kW) of power for tools, appliances, and more and comes equipped with electrical outlets and USB chargers.

What is Ford Intelligent Backup Power?

  • With Ford Intelligent Backup Power, enabled by the available Ford Charge Station Pro and Home Integration System, the F-150 Lightning can automatically power a house during outages and revert to charging its battery once it restores power.

What does the SYNC®‡ 4A system on the F-150 Lightning Lariat and Platinum models offer?

  • The SYNC 4A system has a sleek and modern interface with machine-learning capabilities. It provides a user-friendly experience and regular software updates.

What is “Phone As A Key”?

  • “Phone As A Key” (PAAK) is an available feature that allows a securely paired smartphone to act as a virtual key for the F-150 Lightning, providing capabilities similar to those of a traditional Intelligent Access key fob.

What can you fit in the Mega Power Frunk of the F-150 Lightning?

  • The Mega Power Frunk can store tools, job site materials, and power equipment. It features such as drain holes for wet or muddy gear and secure cargo storage options.

Does the F-150 Lightning have any known issues with jerky performance or engine lights?

  • Some owners have reported issues with jerky performance and engine lights, while others have not experienced any problems with their Lightning.

How is the F-150 Lightning’s towing capability with the PowerBoost Hybrid model?

  • The towing capability with the PowerBoost Hybrid model provides strong performance and efficiency for towing needs.

Are there any specific forums or resources for addressing non-general F-150 Lightning issues? 

  • There are year-specific forums and resources that better serve non-general issues and topics, providing a more targeted and specialized approach to addressing specific concerns.

What is the estimated fuel economy of the F-150 Lightning PowerBoost Hybrid model in city driving conditions?

  • The PowerBoost Hybrid model has delivered better than 20 MPG in city driving conditions, reflecting its efficiency and performance as advertised.

How many kilometres has the F-150 Lightning PowerBoost Hybrid model been driven without any reported issues?

  • Some owners have reported driving their PowerBoost Hybrid model for thousands of miles without issues, demonstrating its reliability and performance.

Are there any known electronic diagnostic challenges or issues with the F-150 Lightning?

  • Some discussions have highlighted potential challenges with electronic diagnostics, with considerations for dealership practices and industry training.

Is there a specific process or resource for finding solutions to potential F-150 Lightning performance issues?

  • Owners have recommended seeking specific year-specific forums and resources to solve potential performance issues with Lightning, leveraging targeted expertise and experiences.

What experiences have owners had with the F-150 Lightning PowerBoost Hybrid model and its performance?

  • Owners have reported varied experiences with the F-150 Lightning PowerBoost Hybrid model. Some enjoy strong performance and efficiency, while others have encountered specific challenges that may require further investigation.